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Discover Berne - The official Capital

It is very hard not to like Bern, the actual and historical capital of Switzerland.

The beautifully preserved historical core is one of the most beautiful among the most important European cities, and all this is supplemented with some special charm with which the city is exuded.


The beautiful City of Berne is today the seat of Swiss Government and is a city of high quality of life, historically rich and under the protection of UNESCO. It is the Largest City of Canton of Berne, to which the Jungfrau Region also belongs.

There are over 100 original and unique fountains across Berne 


Both sides of Berne, Old and New, are connected to each other with several bridges.


The Bear

The silhouette of this forest animal is on the city flag, the facade of numerous houses is decorated with her head or bust, in many attractive spaces a monument is in its honor, and on the busiest squares, visitors will find sculptures of bears in various poses. Of course, this is not unusual, because Berne (Bärn) in German means "bear".


Tours and Excursions - Bernese Highland

If times allows you, you should also take some time to explore the rural part of Canton Berne, the so-called Bernese Highland. There are Tours and Excursions organized daily from Berne and from other Cities in Switzerland.



Berne has a very efficient Public Transportation System across the City, it is also well connected by Rail with other swiss Cities, as well as Internationally.

From Zurich to Berne, it takes less than 1 hour by Train, from Geneva about 1hour and 30 minutes.

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