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Discover Geneva 

Geneva today has a cosmopolitan spirit, like London or Paris, but has also retained the charm and warmth of the Alpine town.

No other small town in the world can you see so many "Rolls-Royce", "Mercedes", "Porsche" and "Ferrari".


What looks like an ideal city? Not too big, not too small. It should have all the advantages of the metropolis, but also the peaceful rhythm of the province, which arouses tranquility and breaks the dynamics of city life.


In addition to all this, it has a rich tradition, beautiful architecture, attractive natural beauties and the best living standard in the world, not many cities meet all the requirements, but Geneva does.


It is located on the west coast of the lake with the same name and represents a metropolis in a small package with about 200,000 inhabitants in the narrow and 750,000 in the wider area.


Like a beautiful oasis, it is surrounded by mountain peaks on all sides, the only hill is in the center, there is the Old Town, interwoven with narrow and perfectly positioned streets, typical of the Swiss towns. 


As in other major cities, there are Tours and Excursions organized from Geneva to the nearby places , as well as to major tourist attractions in the Alps.



Geneva Transport Card

All Geneva visitors who have reserved accommodation in a city hotel or hostel can request a Geneva Transport Card card, which allows for the free use of Geneva public transport during their stay in that city.

Buses, trams, trains and yellow boat taxis are included. You can request the tickets in the facility where you are staying.

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