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Gruyeres - the charm of Switzerland


Gruyères is a picturesque medieval town, with charming architecture, located in the upper valley of the River Saane, in eastern Switzerland.

This old, fortified city, with its medieval Castle, stone houses, white church, is  one of the most idyllic places in Switzerland


The Town of Gruyeres also gave its name to the well known swiss chess Gruyere, which originates from this parts of Switzerland.

It is one of the famous cheese varieties produced in Switzerland. It is a cheese made from cow's milk, with a traditional Swiss peasant recipe and preserved with care in the factories in Friborg, Vaud, Neuchâtel, Jura and Berne cantons.


Gruyeres Castle

A very famous tourist attraction is also the Gruyeres Castle, perched at a height of 830 meters, which offers visitors a tour through eight centuries of architecture, history and culture, as well as the surrounding countryside.

The castle was built between 1270 and 1282, following a typical square plan of the Savoia fortresses.

Gruyere Street
cheese factory

Another place to visit while in Gruyeres is Mount Moléson (2002 m), which towers uphill over the city. The Observatory at the top of the mountain is equipped with the largest telescope in the world, with which it can be admired a spectacular panorama of the western part of Switzerland.


As you pass through the entrance gate to the historic part of the town, you can find information about the medieval fortress "La Gruyeres".

In addition, here, the municipality asks the visitors to donate the price of a river stone from the tourist information center, the money being used for preserving the old buildings and the historical monuments.

Under the motto "Gruyeres, the city restored", the authorities, together with locals, succeeded in 2004 to renovate the main buildings of the medieval fortress located on the top of a hill near the Swiss Alps (Moleson Massif), repaint the streets of the city and re-establish the markets and the main places in the city.


How to get to Gruyere


Gruyere is about an hour and a half away from Switzerland's three main airports,





It is recommended to visit the Gruyeres area by Train, going to Fribourg first, as the main urban center in this area.

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