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Discover Switzerland - Lauterbrunnen


Amazing Places

The Lauterbrunnen Valley, located in Switzerland, in the Alps, has become one of the most photographed tourist destinations in the world and a major tourist destination in Switzerland.

There are a number of Dream Destinations across the world, that can make your Vacation unforgettable and leave you with beautiful memories you will never forget, and Lauterbrunnen Valley is definitely one of those.


The Waterfalls of Lauterbrunnen

There are 72 Waterfalls across the Valley, with the Village of Lauterbrunnen situated right in the middle of it all. 

The Lauterbrunnen Valley is an impressive scenery, consisting of giant cliffs, mountain peaks, isolated valleys, alpine huts and mountain inns.

John R.R. Tolkien, the writer of Lord of the Rings, was a visitor in Lauterbrunnen and is widely accepted wisdom, that Lauterbrunnen was his inspiration to design the Elven City of Rivendell in his book.


Lauterbrunnen's neighbor villages of Wengen and Murren are also very popular tourist attractions, especially since they are all half-way between Interlaken and Mt. Jungfraujoch.


Trummelbach Waterfall is also close by and is definitely worth a visit, make sure to take your camera with you.

If you have enough time while being in Lauterbrunnen, check our Pages on Grindelwald, Mount Jungfrau Top of Europe and Jungfrau Region for more information.

Schilthorn Piz Gloria is also close by and definitely worth a visit while in the area,


Hiking around Lauterbrunnen Area

if times allows it, going on foot on one of the many hiking trails is an incredible experience, the trails are well visible, usually being used by a lot of people, and full of surprises like Mountains Inn, Chalets and fantastic views of the whole Lauterbrunnen Valley.



All Inclusive Tours

Getting to Lauterbrunnen

You can reach Lauterbrunnen from Interlaken in about 25 minutes by Train, or 15-20 minutes by Car or Bus, depending on traffic.

Organized group Tours and Excursions to Jungfrau, usually make a stop at Lauterbrunnen, so it's a good alternative to going on your own, especially since you won't have to worry about getting the right train or train tickets.

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