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Mount Titlis

Titlis is the name of a mountain in the Uri Alps, located in the canton of Obwalden.


The Mount Titlis , as it is also known, has a height of 3,238 m but highlights among many other peaks over 3,000 meters, because here comes the Titlis Rotair , the spectacular and scenic revolving cable car from Engelberg. 

To be more precise, it reaches the Klein Titlis (small Titlis) at 3,028 m and apart from the great alpine panorama that you get from here, you can do some of the most spectacular activities in the Alps such as the Ice Flyer or the Titlis Cliff Walk .

Cable Car on the way to Mt. Titlis

Flying over the Titlis Glacier

Mount Titlis has everything to be what it is, a highlight of the Alps, unforgettable views, snow fun , a glacier, an amazing suspension bridge and that attracts many people and, of course, tourists. So here's our first tip: get up early and get up before 9 in the morning, you will save endless lines and your experience in the Titlis will be unforgettable.

If you want more information about the Titlis and the entire Engelberg and Lucerne region, you can read our guide on this area of ​​Switzerland, with dozens of wonderful sites and a special one for children.

View of Engelberg from Titlis Cable Car

How to get to Mount Titlis

The cable car that goes to the top of the Klein Titlis is located in Engelberg, a charming alpine resort , nestled in the valley of the same name and is ideal for spending your holidays in Central Switzerland. 

Engelberg is located about 35 km from Lucerne and is easily accessible by car. Just at the entrance to the village and after passing the lake you will have to turn right to reach the lower station of Titlis.

If you are staying in Lucerne or surroundings and you do not have a car, you can also take a direct train to Engelberg at the Lucerne central station.

To reach the top count about 45 minutes. The cable car that leaves from Engelberg (1,000 m) arrives at Gerschnialp (1,300 m) in 4 minutes and continues towards Lake Trübsee (1,800 m) in about 17 minutes. 

During the trip the views of the lake of Engelberg are beautiful and the slopes of the mountains, in summer, are covered by a beautiful green mantle of grass that contrast with the blue alpine sky (as long as it makes you a sunny day, of course) .

The Rotair Cable Car

Titlis Rotair

The last change of cable car takes place in Jochpass (2,200 m) and it is here where the famous Titlis Rotair is climbed . The cable car is also large and can accommodate many people. It has panoramic windows that allow you to observe the fantastic landscape while it is turning on itself. In addition, its base has a large Swiss flag painted which makes it spectacular both from inside and outside, when you see it ascend vertiginously to the top.

On Arrival of Mt. Titlis


The upper station has 5 levels between which you can find different shops, restaurants or attractions. The normal thing is to go directly to level 5, which is where the main Titlis visits are located.

  • Stotzig Egg Lookout : when you exit level 5, the first thing you will see will be lots of snow and a walk that leads to the suspended bridge and the chair lift, but if you turn first to the right and go up for five minutes through the snow you will have access to this walkway that has stunning views of the Swiss Alps and over the suspended bridge.


Going up to the lookout

If you arrive late you will find many people climbing and falling through the snow which also has its grace ...

Titlis Cliff Walk :

Under this so attractive name, one of the highlights of Central Switzerland is presented and we would dare to say that of all Switzerland. It is a suspension bridge that saves a vacuum of almost 500 meters. If you like the records, you will like to know that it is the suspension bridge at the highest altitude in Europe.

Titlis Ice Flyer

Glacier Park : the Ice Flyer chairlift leaves you next to the snow fun , an area where you can spend the bomb throwing yourself with sledges, seesaws or giant tires. You'll see when you pass the curve! Ah! and it's free, you do not have to pay anything and you can throw yourself as many times as you want or you dare

Suspension bridge of the Titlis

The sensation of crossing almost 100 meters in length through a bridge that moves a lot and that does not reach even the meter wide is overwhelming. The pictures of the Alps and the glacier are impressive. A unique and essential experience. Of course, lose a bit of grace if you share the moment with 100 more people, so pay attention to us and get up early.


Vertigo on the Titlis Cliff Walk

  • Ice Flyer : next to the suspended bridge and on the left we find another of Titlis' strengths. The Ice Flyer is nothing more than a chairlift but has the added attraction that it passes over the cracks of the glacier, with depths that reach 10 meters.


Treading the Titlis Glacier

It goes without saying that the sensation of flying over almost touching the glacier with your legs hanging is brutal. It also has the particularity that in summer this chairlift leaves you in the glacier park.

Snow Fun Titlis

  • Ice cave : if it were sunny and you want to feel the cold, do not worry, because you will only have to walk the 150 meters of length of the cave that is 20 meters below the glacier. A whole experience at a constant temperature of -1ºC! It is ideal to visit before leaving since it is on level 1 next to the cable car that goes back to the valley.

The Rotair Cable Car

Lake Trübsee

Early rises to the Titlis without stress or overcrowding, but also has another advantage and that also allows you to finish your visit before and you can make a stop at Lake Trübsee , which as we have seen before, is one of the intermediate stations of the cable car line.


Walk along Lake Trübsee

When you leave the station, there are some tractors and heavy machinery that really does not make you think of an idyllic place. The noise is very annoying and you can not imagine beauty or nature in this place, but going down a little and leaving behind the works you will find an exceptional place, dominated by the lake and a wooden jetty at the beginning. If you are lucky, maybe next year the works are over.



The path that goes around the lake is simply delicious: the lower mountains are covered with green, the highest, those that rise towards the Titlis, of rock and snow.


The Alps from the Trübsee

One of the star activities is to rent a boat and thus be able to row in this magnificent environment. If you do not feel like giving it to the oar, you just have to lie down and enjoy the place. If you go with children you will have a great time splashing in the water, chasing the thousands of tiny fish and playing in an idyllic environment. If you are also photography lovers like us, surely this place will meet your expectations 100%.

The Trübsee is the perfect icing on an unforgettable high mountain day.


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