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Facts and Figures about Switzerland

Switzerland or Confoederatio Helvetica (Swiss Confederation) is situated in Central Europe and shares a border with Germany, Austria, Liechtenstein, Italy, and France. The country has a surface of 41,285 square kilometres.

Swiss Political System

Federalism and Direct Democracy reflect the great importance that the Swiss political system places on the freedom of choice and self-determination. The capital city of Switzerland is Bern.

Working in Switzerland as a Foreign National

Obtaining a Work Permit in Switzerland is everything but an easy Task. Your success depends on many Factory, especially your Skills, where you are from and quotas.

Citizens from EU-25*/EFTA** states enjoy full freedom of movement. 

Interesting Facts about Switzerland

Some interesting Facts, you may or may not have known, about Switzerland and its People. As a Swiss Person myself, i can assure you, they are true and are considered a part of what we call "Swissness".

Vat Tax Refund in Switzerland

All the informations about VAT Tax refund for Foreigners and Tourists jn Switzerland.

How to claim, where are the refund Points and what Paperwork you need to have with you.

Facts about Switzerland

Population                         8'500'000

Capital                                Bern

Largest City                       Zurich

Calling Code                      +41 

Time Zone                          GMT + 1

Currency accepted            CHF - Swiss Franc 

Official Language              German




Places to see- Travel and Activities

  • Zurich Old Town

  • Mt. Pilatus

  • Bernese Highland

  • Lausanne

  • Grindelwald

  • Matterhorn

  • Mt. Titlis

  • Davos

  • Stanserhorn

Getting around -  All about Transportation in Switzerland and how to use it

Online Train and Tram Tickets Shop

The Zurich Card

For 24 CHF provides you with free Public transportation in the City, including Trip to Airport, for 24 Hours. Includes Access and Discounts at Museums, Restaurants and various Tourist Attraction

How to get from Zurich Airport to Zurich.

Zurich Airport is only 10 km (6 miles) away from the city center, so it is quick and easy to get there after your plane has landed. There are various ways of traveling from the airport to Zurich.

How to Travel from  Zurich to Interlaken

The best way to reach Interlaken from Zurich, and eventually Lauterbrunnen and Jungfrau Mountain, is by Train.

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